Thursday, February 7, 2008

Moishe, and any other eBay fanatics, you need this

From Springwise.

Consumers who have ever ordered online are well-acquainted with the "Your Order Has Shipped" e-mails that companies send out when the package leaves their warehouse. The trouble with those, of course, is that to follow the package's progress subsequently, the consumer must dig out that e-mail and then cut and paste the tracking number into the shipper's website. With TrackMyShipments, on the other hand, consumers simply forward all those e-mails to as they arrive. The TrackMyShipments system examines the e-mails, extracts the relevant information and keeps track of all those shipments in one place. It can then update the consumer via e-mail or SMS text message as to each shipment's location, status and any delays.

TrackMyShipments currently supports FedEx, UPS, the U.S. Postal Service and DHL, but it says it's adding new shippers all the time. It also offers a White Label service to bring its functionality to providers' shipping systems. The California-based site is supported by ads and sponsorship.

TrackMyShipments has only been up 10 days or so, but it could find a devoted following among frequent shoppers as well as corporate buyers. One to adapt regionally!


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