Thursday, February 14, 2008

The model T of cell phones - $20 mobile - India

Selling cheap commodity products to the billions of people in the world who don't make a lot money is how you make a lot of money. largest market.

From Times Online (UK)

India has already built the world's cheapest car — the £1,200 Tata Nano — now the country has delivered the telecoms equivalent: the £10 "people's phone".

The mobile handset, developed by Spice, an Indian conglomerate listed in Bombay and worth £1 billion, is angled at the lowest end of the market.

This means that it has jettisoned all "non-essential" features — such as a screen.

"It is just a phone," Bhupendra Kumar Modi, the Spice chairman, who hopes to sell about ten million in the next year, confirmed....

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