Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Will everyone stop shitting on Philadelphia please - "Phila: Ugly, constipated, miserable?"

From the Philadelphia Inquirer

Philadelphia has been called many things.

In history books, the city is warmly mythologized as "The Cradle of Liberty." We take comfort in the knowledge that our name means "The City of Brotherly Love."

But in recent years, Philadelphia has become the target of some pretty vicious name-calling.

In 1999, Men's Health magazine saddled us with the honor of "Fattest City in America," and the insults have come fast and furious ever since.

The latest affront comes from Forbes magazine. It's just labeled us one of the Most Miserable Cities in America.

Maybe we got a right to sing the blues.

We were named America's Most Depressed in 2005 and America's Ugliest City last summer. In December, a yogurt maker had the nerve to label us the Most Constipated in the Northeast.

Philadelphia and its suburbs ranked No. 5 out of the nation's 150 largest metro areas, scoring near the bottom in all categories used to calculate Forbes' "Misery Meter."

The magazine based its rankings on six factors: unemployment, personal income tax rates, commuting times, number of Superfund sites, violent crime and weather.

Detroit took the dubious top honors, followed by Stockton, Calif,; Flint, Mich.; New York City, which was formerly known as "The Most Depressed." The list is rounded out by Chicago; Los Angeles; Modesto, Calif.; Charlotte, N.C., and Providence, R.I.


Morty said...

morty is 0 for 3 on those charges...

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