Friday, February 1, 2008

Do You Enjoy a Funky Good Time?

Follow the link above to "Lost in Tyme for Little Beaver. Morty gives two thumbs up. You will need the .rar program to unzip the file. And click this link to hear a track to preview.

This is a great album. Little Beaver is a great unknown guitar player and this is some of the coolest, funkiest music around. The album has lots of great, laid back grooves. Fans of Jaco probably know of this because it features him on 'I can dig it baby.' That track has some great bass playing on it.This album is a must for any music fans, especially fans of funk and jazz.

Everybody liked Little Beaver; he played guitar on TK sessions for Betty Wright, Lattimore, Timmy Thomas, and others, so owner Henry Stone threw him a bone every now and then and let him record under his name. He never came up with enough quality material to fill an album, but that didn't stop TK Records from issuing Little Beaver LPs. Party Down features both sides of Little Beaver's finest recording, the jazzy "Party Down"; the melodic, lilting winner features his articulate lead guitar and sweet chord progressions. Only "Get Into the Party Life" is comparable; it too has jazzy overtones but is not as compelling.
"Let's Stick Together" and "I Can Dig It Baby are also great funky tunes.

His track "Get Into The Party Life" is prominently sampled on Jay-Z's track "Party Life" from his American Gangster album.

This record was included in the 100 Best Soul Albums ever by Mojo Magazine.


Mosihe said...

everybody party down - great shit

Morty said...

good advice, no?

the track "i can dig it baby" is one for repeat plays...