Monday, February 4, 2008

Continuing on the drug theme - Colombian drug lord killed

CARACAS, Venezuela (AP) -- Venezuelan authorities confirm a man slain in the Andean city of Merida is Wilber Varela, one of Colombia's most-wanted drug lords, Venezuela's top counter-drug official said Friday.

Fingerprints of the man who was found shot to death Wednesday matched those of Varela, said Col. Nestor Reverol, head of the National Anti-Drug Agency.

Varela, alias "Jabon," or "Soap," was Colombia's most notorious drug trafficker on the run.

The underworld is awash with tales of his brutality that made him a household name in Colombia.

Colombia's police chief, Gen. Oscar Naranjo, reminded reporters that Varela, a former police officer himself, had entered the drug underworld as a hired killer.

"Wilber Varela in the last few years was truly the main leader of Colombian drug-trafficking organizations," he said Friday in Bogota.

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