Thursday, April 24, 2008

WaWa, Moishe used to love her

From the Illadelph:

Looks like Wawa is pulling out of Center City entirely. Less than three months after Wawa closed its Rittenhouse Square Wawa at 20th and Locust, it is closing its psuedo-Rittenhouse Square Wawa at 20th and Chestnut.

The 20th and Chestnut Wawa will shutter on Saturday, May 2, 2008. For no reason whatsoever. The Wawa at 17th and Arch is also closing in May.

Wow, Wawa Corporate — you are some cold-hearted deceitful and downright deathly stupid bitches.

After all, what company doesn't strive to obtain an incredibly desirable and loyal customer base of 100,000 strong conveniently located in a compact 2.5-square-mile downtown… and then screw them entirely all at once???

Howard Stoeckel, Mr. Wawa CEO, pat yourself on the back. You sir have just raised the bar for corporate incompetence/douchebaggery to an entirely new level. Congratulations — you possess the vision and business acumen of a drunken sea otter.

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