Maybe I’m missing something. But the flood of cross-branded luxury products seems to get sillier by the day.

I’ve already written about the Porsche-designed kitchen, the Ferrari watch and the Versace dinner plate. But now comes two new extremes: a helicopter and sports car by Hermes.

The Hermes chopper is basically a Eurocopter EC135 (twin-engine multimission, for chopper freaks) that’s been tarted up with Hermes fixtures. Like calf-leather seats, leather-trimmed controls, Hermes canvas in the interior and a special pair of binoculars so passengers can view the scenery.

Copter by HermesWhat’s the point? Maybe the marketers at Hermes are thinking, “You’ve got the scarf — now buy the helicopter!” Maybe there’s a Russian oligarch out there who just has to have it for his Hermes-clad mistress. Hermes doesn’t disclose price (if you have to ask…) but on its Web site, Eurocopter describes the Heli-Hermes it as “technical, sensual, magnificent. Magical in its freedom of movement.”

Like I said, I don’t get it.

To top the chopper, Hermes has now come out with a customized Veyron. The Veyron is Bugatti’s limited-edition sports car that can hit 253 miles per hour and costs more than $1 million. The Hermes version (even more limited, because I think there’s only one) will set you back $2.3 million.

And the car is by Hermes tooWhat do you get for the money, besides a limited limited edition and the ability to outshine those with mere Veryons? The so-called Bugatti Veyron Fbg (short for Faubourg Saint-Honore, the street of Hermes’ flagship store) has a black and tan paint job, door handles modeled after Hermes suitcases and an interior smothered in bull calf. It’s also got the Hermes H logo on the wheels and gas cap.

Like to spend time under the hood — or in the trunk? Hermes has you covered there too, fitting the underside of both the car hood and trunk in leather. Act now and they’ll throw in a set of Hermes luggage too.

These products are probably all about getting some media attention. (Guilty as charged!) But maybe Wealth Report readers can help offer some other reasons they exist.

(Photos courtesy of Eurocopter and Bugatti, respectively.)