Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Could Obama Possibly End It in PA?

Here's hoping. Anecdotally, I'm seeing a ton of Obama commercials and none from Clinton, as Obama puts that money to work. From TPM.

Rasmussen: Hillary Ahead By Just Five Points In Pennsylvania Primary
By Eric Kleefeld - April 1, 2008, 9:02AM

A new Rasmussen poll of Pennsylvania gives Hillary Clinton only a five-point lead in the Democratic primary. Here are the numbers, compared to last week:

Clinton 47% (-2)
Obama 42% (+3)

The poll also shows that 47% of respondents have followed Hillary's Bosnia-Misstatement story very closely, and another 27% have followed it somewhat closely.


Anonymous said...

sixerzguy here,

I like the Obama commercials, I can see how they could sway people; and I like how they don't take negative shots at Hilary. I also like what he said in the other article about surrounding himself with good people (if I remember correctly). No one can do it all himself (or herself).

However, I'd have to say I don't see how Obama can achieve the goals he states in the commercials, but I think they're just that, commercials. He's very focused.

I don't know why Hilary doesn't come out with commercials of her own...

Morty said...

Unless she is running ads in the western part of the state, Clinton is not on the air because she does not have the same monetary resources that Obama has. In fact, her campaign is actually in debt (there is an older post here about that). Which is another demonstration of her second place status.

As far as campaign promises from any candidate, they are always goals. When Obama talks about energy independence in the ad, he means he will do his best to encourage investment in green technologies. He can't do it alone, but he could make the those investments very attractive for private equity.