Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Quote of the Day

From Matt Yglesias.

...Ultimately, the only thing we really know about either candidate's base of support is that Obama's is slightly larger, and that he's demonstrated more ability to expand it over time through campaigning. Either way, though, I think Democrats can be fairly confident. What voters "know" about the three candidates right now is that John McCain is a war hero maverick, Hillary Clinton is a castrating harpy, and Barack Obama is a radical black Muslim and given that . . . the race is about tied. As Ross Douthat points out that's not good news for McCain.

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Anonymous said...

sixerzguy here,

Morty, good one, I like this one. Hey, people are slowly trickling back to Deep Sixer, sign up with a dummy email addres (Hilary Clinton, Beverly Hills, 90210, born in 1932, whatever). I think if you don't access the email account (hotmail, yahoo, gmail) for a while, like 30 days, it's automatically erased. A lot of the regulars are back, though jumpin's nowhere to be found to talk Willie Green with...