Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Quote of the Day

From Altercation.

Hillary Clinton faces an insurmountable lead in the delegate count and is behind in the popular vote. How do her advisers expect her to catch and surpass Barack Obama for the Democratic nomination? Here's a clue: they don't. From this week's New Yorker: "[A] Clinton adviser was more candid about what lies ahead. 'Inside the campaign, people are not idiots,' she told me. 'Everyone can do the math. It isn't like the Obama campaign has some special abacus. We can do these calculations, too. Everyone recognizes how steep this hill is. But you gotta keep your game face on.' "


Anonymous said...

sixerzguy here,

Morty, I'm curious, who do you want to win for president? As far as political discussions go, I'm sure you've got me beat hands down.

All I know is, when Bill was president our economy was great, and that Bill is an incredibly smart guy (but stupid at the same time in a fascinating way), and with Hilary in office we'd get more of the same. McCain sounds pretty sharp, too, he's my 2nd choice. Obama is my third choice, seems like the guy is just mostly talk, I like that the other guys have had success in other aspects of life besides politics. That's the part that bothered me most about Bush (well, 2nd thing), he was sorely lacking in successes in life in general.

If you strongly believe in one of these candidates, you could probably sway my opinion, I just want a smart handling of the economy.

Morty said...

It's tough for the president to directly affect the economy, easier to hurt than to help. I think both Clinton and Obama are more likely to encourage investment in growth industries, like green technology - much like Bill helped the growth of the tech industry in the 90's.

McCain has stated that he doesn't know much about economics, and I think that he would be as close to a third Bush term as possible. The guy is a warmonger.

I like Obama best on the basis of foreign affairs. We need to soften our profile around the world, and I think he is the guy to do it.

Furthermore, I think Obama is the smartest guy in the race, and the least invested in the Washington status quo, all good attributes. So he's got my vote.

Anonymous said...

sixerzguy here,

McCain the warmonger, hmmm... That's scary, you're right, I don't want a third term Bush (shudderring)...

I do like Obama's international background...

I don't know if you're looking for a debate, I can't give you one in politics, mostly questions - so it was just a coincidence that our economy did well while Clinton was prez?

Morty said...

Hard to say that it was sheer coincidence. I'd say that Clinton definitely set the right tone, put good people into place and let them do their work, non partisan style.

It's hard to say Bush has done the same. He's been about as ideological as you can get, in my opinion.

Moishe is the more knowledgeable economics guy, I have to say. Weigh in there, champ.