Tuesday, March 11, 2008

New My Morning Jacket Songs

Decent sounding videos from Breakfast on Tour of MMJ's show last night. They debuted eight new songs from their forthcoming album. Cool.
Update! Better yet, here is a concert from 2 days later broadcast by NPR.


Anonymous said...

sixerzguy here,

NEVER, NEVER, NEVER say a team should do something just because someone's a "superstar". Seriously, if I was talking ball with someone and they used someone's superstar status as a reason for an in-game strategy, I would stop taking their basketball acumen seriously right then and there.

(I'm here cuz I wanna show that I'm not about showing you up or anything, I know it can get that way on Deep Sixer, but really wanna talk this out, maybe there's a reason you feel the way you do.)

Your comment about trying to push Garnett away from the basket clearly told me you've never really paid attention to Garnett's talents, just what announcers say about him.

Basically, when you talk in-game strategy, you gotta point out player strengths and weaknesses, how they can attack, from where they can attack, and how well they attack with their teammates, and weigh everything against alternatives. That's not all the things to consider, but that gets the meaty part of it.

Being a so-called superstar says there are things you can do much better than your average player, but it doesn't say which things. I don't believe there's nothing you can do to stop Garnett just because he's a superstar, what you do is use him somehow to make his contribution to the final score as minimal as possible. Were you thinking, since he's a PF and big, he plays the low post well? Actually, he's just okay there, he's much more dangerous away from the basket, and more comfortable there, too.

I'm an examples guy, so let me show you how you generalize but really don't get too specific:

"That's the lineup I would use, except I would consider keeping Evans off the bench and giving Smith a taste of the starting lineup after yesterday's strong performance. Experimenting with Dre at SG and Thad at SF will be interesting to watch."

This is Detroit's lineup:


I actually agree with your ideas there (Marc's...), but again why Iggy at SG? To experiment? No coach who wants to get hired or stay hired should ever say he was experimenting with something. You're trying to win, win as many matchups as you can in the game.

Take Iggy vs. Rip. Why not LouWill vs. Rip? Because the Iggy vs. Rip matchup adds more points to your total score, more than LouWill. How? LouWill aint' so smart, Rip is crafty, Rip will have no problem losing Lou and getting good shots. Iggy is bigger, not as quick as Lou, but can keep up with Rip.

But on offense, there isn't much of a difference - Iggy can generate points with his passing and jumpshooting, LouWill does it by getting to the line and his threes.

I have more to add, but got other stuff to do, let me know you got this by responding to my comment?

No one on the blog is really sharp when it comes to game strategizing, so I think you can get away with generalizing and sports radio-type talk on there. Myself, if I were getting paid to be analytic, sure, my comments regarding the game would be more in-depth, but frankly, I'm not getting paid, so I just try to keep it short and sweet.


Morty said...

Sixerzguy: I'm no NBA expert just someone who, like Moishe's Uncle Solomon who was a legendary AAU coach in the 60's, enjoys the game. You're welcome here anytime. Check us out for non-sixerz related news.