Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Phillies Fans: This Pretty Funny, No?

From the Philadelphia Inquirer.

Lenny Dykstra building reputation as investment adviser

By Frank Fitzpatrick

Inquirer Staff Writer
Lenny Dykstra might not have read books, but no one ever doubted his smarts.

The former Phillies star was a savvy leadoff hitter who could work a contract negotiation as cleverly as he worked a rookie pitcher.

Retired now and 45, Dykstra, whose baseball career occasionally was marred by messy excesses - driving too fast, gambling too much - has transformed himself into a big player in the investment world.

He lives in Wayne Gretzky's old mansion, has a private jet, a string of successful car washes, and a growing reputation as a stock-market guru.

HBO profiled Dykstra on this month's episode of Real Sports With Bryant Gumbel. Here are a few excerpts supplied by the show:

Host Bernard Goldberg: "Is it true you once said you don't read books because they might hurt your batting eye?"

Lenny Dykstra: "Yeah. You got to rest your eyes, man, plus it makes you think too much."

Goldberg: "Reading?"

Dykstra: "Too confusing."

Goldberg: "Reading?"

Dykstra: "Yeah, I still don't like to read."

Goldberg: "And I'm supposed to follow your investing advice?"

Dykstra: "Only if you like money."

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