Monday, January 7, 2008

Watch Out for The Postmaster General

He's also a general.

Post Office Opposes 'No Junk Mail' List

Advocates Say It Would Help Environment, Cut Down On ID Theft

Tired of your mailbox filling with unwanted junk mail?State lawmakers this week were expected to begin debating a bill that would create a 'no-junk-mail list' similar to the no-call list for telephone telemarketers.
"The statistics are just overwhleming. Ninety-million pounds of junk mail a year. It costs somewhere between $2 and $4 million to clean it up," Gagliardi said.But the United States Postal Service said it's got concerns about the economic effects of the bill and similar measures proposed in five other states.Postal Service spokesman Al DeSarro said half of the mail his agency handles is direct marketing mail, and reducing its volume could cost thousands of Postal Service jobs. "This is an infringement on commerce and an infringement on free speech," DeSarro said.The Postal Service said most mail today is recyclable. But critics argue that most people have to shred their mail because of identity theft concerns.

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