Thursday, January 24, 2008

Silly White Man...

From the hilarious website, "White Whine: A new white person complaint every day of the week"

January 22, 2008
Complaint #134

“My chiropractor has the worst selection of magazines in his waiting room; I mean, thanks, but I already read November’s issue of Golf…back in November!”

-Whine by Jeremy Roth

Via: Andrew Sullivan


Mosiche said...

you know what, shut the f&*k up, my chiro doesnt even have any magazines, you're lucky. shit, ill take a godamn Highlights magazine. This hebrew would kill for a back issue of Golf - hell, i dont even know a 5 iron from a 3 wood but i'd read it. so just shut it. ok, now that is a rant. sorry, rough day, i was served cold soup at lunch, threw off my day.

Morty said...

hahahaha. You should send that complaint in. I know they call the site "White Whine," but a Hebrew like you could crash the entire thing with your list!

p.s. what is Highlights magazine?