Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Oh Snap! Dude is Busting on Moishe's Boy, Kudlow


Mr. President, in your last State of the Union message tonight, I urge you to stay upbeat and optimistic.
America’s greatness is grounded on optimism and freedom. You have spoken loudly in support of these great themes. You have succeeded to a far-greater degree than the intellectual elites will ever admit.

Stay the course, Mr. President. Stay optimistic.

And the take down from The Cunning Realist:
The cult of Reagan that's developed during the past two decades, especially with ruddy-cheeked College Republican types, has served to conflate the policy successes solely with his personal charisma. But steadfastness without intellectual rigor is stubbornness, and principle without policy is incompetence. Does that not describe the past seven years?
Of course Kudlow is what he is, and everybody gets it (and I've heard from people who know him that he's a good guy). But the fact is he's the face of conservatism, particularly fiscal, for a lot of people. And this sort of ostrich/sand routine doesn't do anyone any good right now. 2005 or 2006, maybe. But reality's a bit more manifest these days.

If there are any éminences grises left in the conservative movement, maybe it's time to gently coax Larry into toning down his act a bit, or even suggest that he try something new. How about a ghostwriting gig for an updated version of Think and Grow Rich?


Mosihe said...

come on Morty, how you gonna post anything playing out Larry K. He is an optimist, what's wrong with that?

Morty said...

eh, just trying to start a fight. but seriously, did you read Kudlow's entire post? he sounds silly...