Friday, January 4, 2008

Perfect for Dealing With Morty's Pre-Flight Cornbeef Special

All of his co-passengers to Del Boca Vista will appreciate this.

With a slogan like “wear them for the ones you love” how could anyone resist ordering a pair of farty pants?

A US manufacturing company Under-Tec has designed fart proof underwear called Under-Ease. They’re fairly similiar in design to big white granny panties, but these flatulence fighters have a built in replaceable filter made of felt, charcoal and fiberglass wool.

They’re available in men’s, women’s, and plus sizes...and they’re cheap too!

Now while you may be giggling at the thought of these gas guzzling ginch be warned these are no joke. According to the company’s president Buck Weimer “this is a serious product that serves a purpose. They can be worn anytime, anywhere - in bed, to work, at social events, including professional meetings or when travelling in any vehicle, including an airplane.”

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