Thursday, December 13, 2007

You Stay Classy, Republicans

Thompson slams Romney on $50 abortions in Mass.

WASHINGTON — Fred Thompson escalated the Republican presidential candidates' war over abortion Wednesday by tying former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney to "$50 abortions in Massachusetts."

Romney, the governor from 2003 until January, helped create Commonwealth Care, a state-run and subsidized program for low- and moderate-income people. The state helps determine what services are to be covered, and its list includes a provision in which women can get abortions for $50 co-payments.

The legislation also created a MassHealth payment policy advisory board that gave Planned Parenthood a seat, but not an anti-abortion group.

"Romney claims to be pro-life," the Thompson campaign said in a statement. "But under his health care plan, Massachusetts residents now have access to taxpayer-funded abortions for $50."

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