Saturday, December 22, 2007

True Story: Moishe Made His First Million This Way

Isle of Man in spin over self-proclaimed 'king'

By Gary Cleland
Last Updated: 1:39am GMT 20/12/2007

Businessman David Drew Howe, 38, claims to be a cousin to the Queen and a direct descendant of the Stanley family.

He crowned himself "undisputed" His Majesty King David of the Isle of Man, after placing a notice in the London Gazette.

When the notice went unchallenged he declared himself "de jure" King of the Isle of Man at the end of March this year.

Now a West Sussex based company, Noble Titles, is offering peerages in the name of King David - promising the money paid will go to charity.

The titles do not come cheap - among those available are a dukedom for £90,000.

Becoming a count will cost you £70,000, a countess £60,000 and a viscount £50,000 ...

On comments on website noticeboards on the Isle of Man, local residents opinions veered from anger to genuine concern.

Mick from Douglas wrote: "What started out as an interesting and amusing story of a seemingly semi-delusional American has now turned into something quite serious, as the monetary amounts stated are huge.

"Surely the authorities must intervene."

Kim wrote: "King David - get over yourself! You are NOT our King - you will NEVER be our King.

"If you've got any respect at all you will give up this silly claim."

A petition has also been set up online calling for David Drew Howe to be banned from calling himself King and to be barred from ever setting foot on the island.

The Queen is the official monarch of the Isle of Man, where she is known as the Lord of Man.

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