Thursday, December 6, 2007

As Heard on NPR This Morning: Moische, I Have Your Apocalyse Preparation Needs Right Here

BILL LENTFER: That's the beauty of this particular thing, converting a car right now: You can do it today. And you have been able to do it for the past 20 years.

That's Bill Lentfer, an employee of Electro Automotive. Since 1979, the company has sold kits that can turn any car -- from a Rolls Royce to a VW Rabbit -- into an electric vehicle.

In the past few years, orders have gone from a few dozen to a few hundred a year, says co-owner Sheri Prange ... Kits average about $7,000, but Prange says the motors last forever and are up to 90 percent less polluting. Beats buying a new car.

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MPP said...

The basic kit may only be $7k, but that doesn't include installation & stuff. I've looked into it a good amount: you can do a half-assed electric conversion for about $20k all-in; but you'll only have a ~40 mile range, and it will top out at 55 mph, and take about 20 seconds to get there.

To do a really nice conversion, with an adequately powered motor, lithium batteries that will get decent range, and professional installation, is about $75k, not including the price of the car.

Its still hot though IMHO.. I'd get a pimped out converted 1979 S-class for Moishe so he can be driven goonies-style and not support arabs at the same time.